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HVCN was off the air Tuesday July 2, and restored to normal service around noon on Wednesday, July 3. During this 36 hour period of unplanned downtime, another round of software updates was applied, and a number of recently announced security holes were plugged.

This was precipitated a recent spate of announced security problems in the software that runs on HVCN, mostly in the operating system and related components, and by attempts to exploit them, one of which was regrettably successful. Because of this, the system was rebuilt from clean file systems. Files modified since the last weekly backup were checked manually and restored, so there should not be any loss of data.

Security Related Upgrades

These were the main motivation for the upgrade effort.

Incidental Software Upgrades

These were performed simply because it was a convenient time to do so.

Although it has been extensively tested, this upgrade is a complex one, and problems may appear unexpectedly. Further testing continues. If you encounter a problem, please send all of the details to webmaster@hvcn.org.

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This page was last modified on July 6, 2002.
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