Getting Involved

Getting involved as an HVCN volunteer

The HVCN is completely run by volunteers; we have no paid staff. As you can imagine, there is lots of work to do and no end to the volunteer opportunities. Currently, we're looking for people to help us get organized. Each of the following working groups needs volunteers:

If you can help, please contact the HVCN board at webmaster@hvcn.org or the Chair, Arnold Barr, at webmaster@hvcn.org to offer your services.

We also need more people to work on the technical aspects of the system. If you have skills to offer, contact the technical committee chair, Steve Weiss, at webmaster@hvcn.org

Getting involved as an information provider

Local content is what sets a community network apart from commercial on-line service providers, such a Compuserve and America On-Line, and we want to have as much local information as possible on HVCN. If you are involved with an organization such as a school, library, local government, religious organization, service club, non-profit corporation, or business, please consider making information about your organization available on HVCN.

HVCN will allow you to put your web page on our server for little or no charge. In addition to hosting the information, we can also help you write and format your web page. We plan to hold classes on the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), which is the standard formatting language used globally on the World Wide Web.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact webmaster@hvcn.org.