Self-defense is possibly the biggest reason people join Taekwondo or any martial art. The ability to walk down the street with confidence knowing that you can defend yourself if there is trouble is a definite benefit of Taekwondo. The air of confidence you project is in itself enough to keep many potential attackers away.

Taekwondo has many methods of practicing self-defense. Depending on the situation and distance, various techniques can be used. However, it is also important to keep in mind other factors such as temperature, environment, and what you are wearing.

For example, if it is cold outside or raining, the ground might be slippery from ice or water. High kicks might not be the best choice for self-defense. If you are wearing bulky winter clothes or formalwear, it might be difficult to move easily.

Self-defense is much more than just physical technique. It is also being aware of your surroundings and taking preventative measures.
On the physical side, one must practice until self-defense techniques become second nature.

Taekwondo has many ways to practice.

1. Basic kicking offers excellent self-defense due to the inherent power and reach of the legs.

2. One step sparring allows one to practice a variety of blocking and counterattacking techniques in response to an attacker’s punch. One step sparring also allows one to become proficient in calculating distance-knowing whether an opponent is too close or too far.

3. Finally, various joint locking techniques are employed for self-defense, especially in conjunction with kicking and hand techniques. It must be understood, however, that effective self-defense comes with overall Taekwondo practice grounded in basics.

Below are demonstrated three self-defense techniques:

1. Side kick against a knife--------------->

2. One step sparring foot sweep-------->

3. Arm lock against a grab---------------->