Blocking is the action of intercepting an aggressor’s strike before it contacts you. Blocking is practiced extensively as part of Taekwondo forms and one-step sparring. If done properly, a block can save your life.

There are three types of blocking: low section blocking(stomach), middle section blocking(abdomen), and high section blocking(head). Blocking surfaces include the knife hand, outer forearm, inner forearm, and palm.

Basic blocks are practiced most often, because they are simplest to do, but they have the most power. It is important that the whole body be used in each blocking action, expressed through a big twisting action at the waist, keeping the body fully vertical.

Used properly, a block can cause a great deal of pain to an attacker’s arm or leg, or even break it.
Below are shown some basic Taekwondo blocking techniques:

1. double knifehand block


 2. Square block (Palgue Sa Chang) 


 3. High block