Master Oring Info





Master Instructor Scott Oring, 4th Dan, has been practicing Tae Kwon Do since 1983, when he joined the Tae Park Institute Central Studio. In 1992, Master Oring began teaching in Ypsilanti for Ypsilanti Community Education while attending Eastern Michigan University, and currently teaches Tae Kwon Do for the Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation Department. Below is a more complete biography:

1. 1983-Started Tae Kwon Do at Central Studio under Grandmaster Tae Zee Park

2. 1985-Tested for 1st Dan Black Belt

3. 1987-Attended Special Seminar in Sauk Valley Mi with Grandmaster Hae Man Park

4. 1987-Tested for 2nd Dan Black Belt

5. 1990-Attended Special Testing in Union City, Tn

6. 1991-Attended Special Forms and Sparring Seminar with Grandmaster Hae Man Park

7. 1992-Tested for 3rd Dan Black Belt

8. 1992-Began teaching Tae Kwon Do for Ypsilanti Community Education

9. 1994-Special Seminar and Tournament in Spain with Grandmaster Hae Man Park

10. 1995-Special Seminar and Testing at Bernard Institute in Pinedale, Wy.

11. 1995-Special Team Coach and Tournament Judge, Parsippany, New Jersey

12. 1996-Tested for 4th Dan Black Belt

13. 1998-Organized and Led Special Tournament Sparring Seminar, Michigan Center

14. 1999-Began Teaching TKD for Ypsilanti Parks and Recreation

15. 1999-First Oring Institute Students test for 1st Dan.

16. 1999-2001-Led TKD Demonstrations for Ypsilanti "Discover Downtown" Festival

17. 2000-2001-Led TKD Demonstrations for Ypsilanti Heritage Festival

18. 2001-2002-Led TKD Workshops for Eastern Michigan University Upward Bound program

19. 2002-Special Black Belt Test and Tournament Judge/Referee, Paducah KY

20. 2002-Student Lori Jankowski Tested for 2nd Dan Black Belt

Additionally, Master Oring has participated in every Tae Park Championship Tournament as a judge or referee since 1997, with Oring Institute students winning numerous medals.