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AM Radio Stations

Call   Khz Origin      Format                           Phone

CKWW   580 Windsor     Chum Ltd, 40s, 50s, and 60s  313-961-9811
WNZK   690 Romulus     Birach, Ethnic (680 KHz nite)810-557-3500
WJR    760 Detroit     ABC, News, talk, sports      313-875-4440
CKLW   800 Windsor     Chum Ltd, News, talk, sports 313-961-9811
WWJ    950 Southfield  CBS, All news                248-455-7200
WDEO   990 Ann Arbor   Ave Maria, Religious         734-482-4000
WTKA  1050 Ann Arbor   ClearChannel, News, talk     734-302-8100
WLBY  1290 Ann Arbor   ClearChannel, Talk           734-302-8100 
WXDX  1310 Dearborn    ClearChannel, Talk           248-324-5800 news 248-395-7200
WSDS  1480 Ypsilanti   Birach, español              734-484-1480
WAAM  1600 Ann Arbor   Traffic, news, talk, sports  734-971-1600

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FM Radio Stations

Call  Mhz  Origin      Format                           Phone    Request Line

WCBN  88.3 Ann Arbor   Free form - Student run     734-763-3501 734-763-3500
CIMX  88.7 Windsor     Chum Ltd, Modern rock       313-961-9811
WEMU  89.1 Ypsilanti   NPR, PRI, Jazz, EMU sports  734-487-2229
CBE   89.9 Windsor     CBC Radio 2, Classical. Jazz
WKAR  90.5 E. Lansing  NPR, PRI, Classical music   517-355-2300 517-355-6540
WGTE  91.3 Toledo      NPR, PRI, Classical music   419-243-3091
WUOM  91.7 Ann Arbor   NPR, PRI, talk, eve music   734-764-9210
WMXD  92.3 Detroit     ClearChannel, Soul, R&B     313-965-2000 313-298-7923
WDRQ  93.1 Detroit     Contemp. hits               313-871-9300
CIDR  93.9 Windsor     Chum Ltd, Light Rock        248-646-8484
WKQI  95.5 Detroit     ClearChannel, Adult contemp.810-967-3750
WDVD  96.3 Detroit     ABC, Variety                313-871-3030 313-298-9630
WKRK  97.1 Southfield  CBS, Talk                   248-395-9797 248-559-9797
WJLB  97.9 Detroit     ClearChannel, Hip hop       313-965-2000 313-298-7098
WVMV  98.7 Fmgtn Hills CBS, Jazz	           810-855-5100 313-298-7625
WYCD  99.5 Southfield  CBS, Country                248-799-0600 313-298-1999
WNIC 100.3 Detroit     ClearChannel, Personality   313-298-1003
WRIF 101.1 Southfield  Rock 'n Roll                248-547-0101 313-298-9743
WDET 101.9 Detroit     NPR, PRI, variety           313-577-4146
WWWW 102.9 Ann Arbor   ClearChannel, Country       734-302-8100 734-623-1029
WMUZ 103.5 Detroit     Religious                   313-272-3434 313-838-1035
WOMC 104.3 Royal Oak   CBS, Oldies                 248-546-9600 313-298-1043
WIOT 104.7 Toledo      ClearChannel, Rock          419-244-8321 419-240-1047
WMGC 105.1 Ferndale    Adult contemporary          248-414-5600 313-298-1051
WDTW 106.7 Detroit     ClearChannel, Classic rock  248-248-1003
WQKL 107.1 Ann Arbor   ClearChannel, Adult contemp.734-302-8100 734-998-1071
WGPR 107.5 Detroit     Rhythm                      248-557-6107 313-930-7560 

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Broadcast Television

For official sites and fan pages for nearly all first run US TV shows, see the Linxnet Web Index.

Call Channel Origin    Affiliation   Notes          Phone 

WJBK     2 Detroit     Fox                          810-557-2000
WDIV     4 Detroit     NBC                          313-962-9348
WLNS     6 Lansing     CBS                          517-372-8282
WXYZ     7 Detroit     ABC                          810-827-7777  
CBET     9 Windsor     CBC                          519-255-3411  
WILX    10 Lansing     NBC                          517-393-0110
WTOL    11 Toledo      CBS                          419-248-1111
WTVG    13 Toledo      ABC                          419-531-1313
WMYD    20 Detroit     GBC                          248-355-2020 
WKAR    23 E. Lansing  PBS                          517-355-2300  
WNWO    24 Toledo      NBC                          419-535-0024
WGTE    30 Toledo      PBS                          800-243-9483 
WPXD    31 Ann Arbor   ION                          734-973-7900
WUPW    36 Toledo      Fox                          419-244-3600
WSYM    47 Lansing     Fox                          517-484-7747 
WKBD    50 Detroit     CW                           248-350-5050  
WTVS    56 Detroit     PBS                          313-873-7200  
WWJ     62 Detroit     CBS                          313-259-8862

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Cable Television Operators

Comcast, now serves Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Chelsea, Dexter, Lima, Sylvan, Manchester, Clinton, Milan, Lodi, Saline, Saline Township, Augusta, York, Sumpter, London and surrounding areas. Local offices are at 2505 South Industrial Highway in Ann Arbor, and 1757 Washtenaw Ave, in Ypsilanti. For customer service call 1-888-COMCAST.

Millennium Digital Media serves South Lyon and Green oak Township. MDM Offices are at 2512 Lansing Rd., Charlotte, MI 48813. 1-800-444-6997

Charter Communications serves Whitmore Lake.

Community Television Network (CTN) is a division of the Information Technology Services Department of the City of Ann Arbor. CTN operates channels 16-19 on the Comcast Cable system and provides free production facilities for training and use by Ann Arbor residents and non-profit groups.

TV Listings (from Yahoo)

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Weekly Newspapers

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Monthly Publications

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