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Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
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March 1999 Report

by John M. Dwyer, chair, CPSRMICH

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On February 3, 1999, the chapter met to hear a presentation by Jessica Litman, Professor of Law at Wayne State University. Her presentation on "The 105th Congress and the Internet" was dynamic and informative, provoking an extended question and answer period and stimulating a new item on our electronic conference.

Those who would like to know more about the presentation and the comments it evoked are welcome to visit the electronic conference. Visit the Michigan Chapter website and click "Web Conferencing." You will be presented with a page which gives instructions on how to view the conference without identifying yourself or how to obtain a free account if you want to contribute to it.

CPSR Conference Item #13 is the one which pertains to Jessica Litman's presentation, but CPSR'ers and others are welcome to view and contribute to the other items on the CPSRMICH conference and, indeed, to the other confereces at this site.

We invite (read that "encourage") CPSR members to check out our site and our conference. It contains ongoing discussions of several issues of interest to our members. In viewing it, you might wish to consider whether something of this sort might be appropriate at the national level or for other chapters.

We of the Michigan Chapter again wish to express our deep appreciation to Huron Valley Community Network for providing the space and expertise for our website and electronic conference.

It was recently suggested that some CPSR Chapter websites need updating. Michigan's website was proposed as a model that others might choose to follow. (We in Michigan have been proud of our website since its introduction and are fortunate to have an excellect web administrator!) Jim Huggins, our web administrator, is willing to answer questions and make suggestions about webpage design. Steve Weiss, chapter contact, and John M. Dwyer, chapter chair; are also willing to respond to questions from anyone who wants to upgrade their website. The email addresses of these people can be found by clicking the "Members" category of the chapter website.

The Michigan chapter is a "virtual" chapter which has been in existence for about a year and a half. We have not yet met Netiva Caftori - our midwife and mentor. Finally the pieces are falling into place and we will have a get-together (tea party, reception, barbeque, whatever) on May 6 in Ann Arbor. We are anticipating welcoming Netiva as the royalty we feel she is.

John M. Dwyer, Chair, CPSRMICH

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