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Photo Gallery: May 1999 Cookout

An informal gathering of CPSR-Michigan folks was held on Wednesday, May 5th, 1999, at the home of Kurt and Anita Lauckner in Ann Arbor. Below are some photos from that event.

To help keep download times small, miniature versions of these photos are shown below; clicking on a given photo leads to a full-size version of the same photo.

(If you have any additional information or corrections regarding the pictures below, please send email to huggins@acm.org.)
[picture] Attila (guest) and Eric (guest)
[picture] Anne (guest) and John Dwyer
[picture] Anne (guest), Jim Huggins, and Steve Weiss
[picture] Anita and Kurt Lauckner (our hosts)
[picture] Attila (guest) and Netiva Caftori
[picture] Eric (guest)
[picture] Eric (guest), Rick (guest), and Ken (guest)
[picture] John Dwyer
[picture] Jim Huggins
[picture] John Dwyer, Ken (guest), and Netiva Caftori
[picture] Jim Huggins and Steve Weiss
[picture] Ken (guest)
[picture] Netiva Caftori
[picture] Phil (guest)
[picture] Phil (guest) and Anne (guest)
[picture] Rick (guest)
[picture] Sue (guest)
[picture] Steve Weiss

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