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The purpose of this WWW document is to provide mostly political and some background technical information on the X-33 SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) program. It is intended for activists willing to visit their representatives and senators in the United States Congress.

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Charles Miller's Report on Gene Austin's July 17th Talk. Gene Austin is the X-33 Program Director.

Links For More Information

A cover letter that comes with the snail-mail packet

(If you're interested in Doing Something, please read this first).

Cheap Access to Space

-- Slides for a ten minute presentation you can make to Senators and Representatives.

SSTO: A Quick History.

Twenty questions about SSTO

-- courtesy of the Space Frontier Foundation.

A Spaceship for the Rest of US

-- Why access to Space is dangerous and expensive, and how SSTO is similar to an airliner.

(Semi-) Technical Aspects of SSTO

-- Why SSTO is challenging but feasible; with a discussion of wings, scramjets, operational economics.

SSTO Thermal Protection System Issues

DC-X1 Flight Test Program

The Case against VTHL

The Politics of X-33

For related information at other sites:

An excellent Delta Clipper/SSRT Program home page, with more emphasis on technical aspects

Marshall Space Flight Center, Reusable Launch Vehicles home page.

The Space Frontier Foundation

Pointer to the Thomas, the USA Government web site. Contains email addresses of congresscritters, though it is uncertain how much they pay attention to email.

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