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About Proposal B
Mayor sets land agenda
Hieftje wants greenbelt advisory commission named by January
"Flush with victory on the open space tax proposal he championed, Ann Arbor Mayor John Hieftje said Wednesday that he hoped to have a Greenbelt Advisory Commission appointed by January and start buying land and development rights within a year. ..."

Ann Arbor Township voters approve proposal by 3-to-1 ratio
Victory allows funds to be a source of matching funds for city "Ann Arbor Township voters resoundingly approved a new tax Tuesday to preserve land in their township, and in doing so re-inforced the outcome of the greenbelt victory in the city of Ann Arbor. ..."

At The Polls, Another Good Day For Smart Growth
Ann Arbor Greenbelt, Grand Rapids transit win big

Detroit Free Press Heartily Endorses Proposal B
: "Ann Arbor voters have a chance on Nov. 4 to take a broad view of the area's development pressures by extending an existing park millage to maintain key swaths of open space in adjoining townships. This bold idea deserves hearty endorsement."(Oct. 22 editorial)

UM Dean of Architecture and Urban Planning strongly supports Proposal B.
Detroit News
:  "Ann Arbor Takes Reasonable Approach to Preservation"   
Detroit Free Press:  "Ann Arbor plan seeks greenbelt around city"

Ann Arbor News Endorses Proposal B (Sunday, Nov. 2 editorial)
Michigan Daily: "Ann Arbor leads the state in curbing sprawl"
Chelsea Standard/Dexter Leader: "Farmers support greenbelt"
Ann Arbor News: many links at the News' website; here are some:

"Would greenbelt be a draw or deterrent?"
"Attorneys for city say greenbelt plan legal"

"How Boulder's greenbelt differs from Ann Arbor's Proposal B"
Proposal B doesn't solve all of our problems. Well, no kidding.

About sprawl
Lansing State Journal
"Sprawl, dull cities drive Michigan youth away"
"Urban Sprawl Makes Americans Fat"
USA Today: "Suburbia USA: Fat of the Land?"
Newspapers around the country:  Urban sprawl tied to health risks, road dange
Michigan Land Use Institute: 
Virtual, listless lives and sprawl
CDC (Centers for Disease Control): Designing and Building Healthy Places
Oakland County Road Commission: roads are very expensive
The Sierra Club on sprawl 
Sprawl even in the Sonoran Desert

Colorado Sprawl Action Center
Sprawl City
Money isn't the only issue

with Proposal B without Proposal B

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