Ann Arbor Parks and Greenbelt Proposal
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Top 10 Reasons to Support the Parks and Greenbelt Proposal

1. Sprawl is ruining the scenic beauty around Ann Arbor, and increasing air and water pollution, traffic congestion, and school overcrowding.

2. The Proposal is the only practical way to preserve our most valuable open space, wildlife habitat, and farms.

3. The Proposal won't raise your tax bill.

4. The proposal will protect the source of our drinking water, the Huron River watershed.

5. Current taxpayers won't have to subsidize sprawl development that requires millions for new roads, schools, and utilities.

6. The Proposal will allow us to enjoy reasonable growth without sacrificing our quality of life.

7. We'll pay less than half of the cost of land and conservation easements because we'll attract Township, State and Federal government matching funds.

8. The Proposal will trigger a regional partnership between Ann Arbor and neighboring Townships for cooperative land use planning.

9. The Proposal will provide funds for purchasing more parks inside the City as well as preserving open space in the Greenbelt.

10. We can preserve the natural character of our community for our children.

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