Ann Arbor Area Parks and Greenbelt Proposal
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It's not to early to start talking about next steps in the followup to Proposal B.

I think the next ring of townships out from Ann Arbor could be encouraged to do something similar.

Right now the people in Webster Township are fed up and outraged over a proposed massive mobile home park. That energy could be used to build interest in a meaningful effort in Webster Twp.

I live in Scio Twp and am tired of the continuing onslaught of big box stores coming in along Jackson Road. A monster Lowes is being finished now and word is that a Home Depot is next right down the road. Can a Walmart be far behind?

The devastation of farmland and trees in Dexter Township is sickening, particularly along Island Lake Road. There is also the lingering memory of the Panda plant that was to be built in that township.

Bridgewater township--Massive sand and gravel expansion potentially causing devastation to groundwater and wetlands. I'm sure there is much more that could be added to the list. Let's use this venue to encourage positive follow-up to Proposal B in the townships!!

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