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Mayor sets land agenda
Hieftje wants greenbelt advisory commission named by January.

Keep in touch with your City Council Members on the implementation of the Parks and Greenbelt Program. Citizen involvement is important and you might find it fun! Click here for a ward map.

Ann Arbor Twp overwhelmingly passed their program, other townships are also interested.
It's not to early to start talking about next steps in the follow up to Proposal B. click here

What you can do. click here

Proposal B Endorsements

We can only speculate about why the News said that they "don't have the space to print" this essay that cuts to the heart of the choice we faced on election day.  click here

What bold public policy could possibly bring together local environmentalists such as the Sierra Club, Ecology Center, and Washtenaw Land Trust along with local business leaders such as David Canter (Pfizer), Albert Berriz (McKinley), and William Clay Ford, Jr.? You guessed right - Proposal B. Click here to see the broad range of endorsers.



Sierra Club Mackinac Chapter article on winning Proposal B

Key Land Use Legislation Moves to Governor's Desk

PBS broadcast: Gaylord's HeadWaters Land Conservancy two part series explains conservation easements.

Big wins on B and Ann Arbor Twp PDR millage!

Proposal B crowd cheers victory on election eve
as 'greenbelt streamers' start to fly. More photos here.

All precincts voted for B! Results by ward and precinct here.

Ann Arbor's voters strike blow against urban sprawl
By Laura Berman / The Detroit News
"On Election Day, though, the people of Ann Arbor
stormed the barricades in a perfectly traditional way:
They voted. By a 2-to-1 margin, they approved a tax to
pay for buying land outside the city limits..."

These wins are a big help but more sprawl is coming our way.

The Wall Street Journal reported on 11/7/03 that “voters in 16 states passed 64 of 77 local and state measures to raise about $1.2 billion to protect lands for parks and open space” on this past election day.  “In all, voters have committed to raise $22.9 billion for open-space protection through 643 state and local measures since 1999…”  The support has been from voters in both major political parties.

Sprawl has made it to the Sonoran Desert

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