HVCN Conference Account Request Form

Account Identification

Your Full Name:
This is your name as you wish it displayed to other users in the HVCN conferences. Though we prefer that you give your real name, you are not required to.
Desired Login ID:
Each HVCN conferencing account must have a unique login id of no more than 8 characters. Click here for a list of accounts already in use by other people.
Desired Password: Same Password Again:
Select the secret password that you will give when you log into your HVCN conference account. It will not be displayed as you type. Enter it exactly the same way twice to ensure you didn't make a typo the first time.

What is your e-mail address.

HVCN requires that you provide a valid e-mail address in order to establish a conference account. HVCN will keep your e-mail address private unless you elect to show others your personal information (see below).

Personal Information

The rest of this form asks you for various personal information. It's a nice way to let other HVCN users know a little bit about you. If you choose, it can be kept private so only the system administrators will be able see it. None of this information is required on an account application.

Your Telephone Number:

Date of Birth:

None of your business

Biography: Tell us a little about yourself.

Privacy: Who may see the information in this section of the form?
All users.
HVCN staff only.

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Note that this will immediately begin the creation of the account. This should only take a few seconds.